Sunday, March 27, 2016

4x4 Baby Album

At a recent scrapbook retreat, a friend showed an album she made using
12x12 sheet of scrapbook papers. Since I had just finished a scrapbook
and had left over pictures, I decided to made a smaller one.
Began with 5 sheets of paper, measuring 8" by 8". Scored each sheet at 4 inches,
rotated once and scored again at 4 inches. Fold all score lines.
This will create four,  4" sections, which I refer to as 1 & 2 at top and 3 & 4 at bottom.
Glue section 2 of first sheet  on top of section 3 of second page. Continue this sequence
  until all 5 pages  are attached. Then score sections 1 & 4 diagonally. Fold score lines.  
Looking at the picture, from left to right, the first set of diagonally lines
will fold towards you, second set away, etc. until all are folded atop each other.
Beginning at bottom left of first and going up diagonally, add pictures.
 Cut two pieces of heavy cardboard (4 1/2 by 4 1/2 ), cover in decorative paper
 5" x 5" for the album front and back.
 Glue ribbon,  3/8 x 24", across inside of  back cover.
 Fold all pages, accordion style, to see where front and back covers
need to be attached
Front cover glues to section 3 of first sheet and back cover glues to section 2.
Embellishments or journaling can be added to blank sections.
Since I had enough pictures and  papers that matched the album covers,
I flipped the album, and decorated the other side, as seem below.
Cut decorative paper to size and divide on the diagonally
 to allow folds.
I hope my instructions will be helpful and you will enjoy making
this little album as much as I did.

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