Sunday, March 22, 2015

Notre Dame

The following pictures were taken on our October trip to Paris.
I used the Lea France Honey Comb Stencil and this one 
proved to be the most challenging. I have tried several times
to use this layout but always ended up cutting a picture incorrectly. 
Believe me, it took a lot of concentration to be sure I was cutting
each picture exactly how I wanted it.
Views of and  around Notre Dame. We were unable to
go inside as the lines were too long.

We had read about  a bridge in Paris that
couples had attached padlocks, engraved  with their
 names and dates, but never dreamed we would
be able to locate it.  After walking around to
the back side of Notre Dame, behold, off to the
right was the bridge. It is quite a site to see.
People were constantly added their padlocks and
makes one wonder just how many those rails
can support. No, we were not prepared to add one.
This Lea France technique is catching on with the
group I scrapbook with. Each stencil shows four layouts.
Till next time.