Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lighthouse Shadowboxes

Sorry I am so late posting but just got busy with the holidays then illness since Christmas eve.
Doing so much better now and looking forward to getting back into crafting mode.

These are the shadowboxes I made for my friend's Christmas Gift.
Boxes are constructed with presentation board. After determining the desired
measurements and assembling, I covered the background with scrapbook paper
containing clouds.  Cut out the shape of the lighthouses, mounted on white card stock
then trimmed around leaving 1/8" border and mounted with pop dots.  Grayish rocks hot
glued at the base for the bulkhead effect.  I tried to locate seagull stickers to no avail then came across
actual pictures my husband had taken. Once cut out, they were the perfect size. Inside edges and outsides of the boxes are covered with weathered wood grain paper.

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