Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mosiac Moments Scrapbooking

Spent the last two weekends scrapbooking using the Mosiac Moments technique by Tami Potter. I did my first page back in 2009 using pictures taken on our train ride up White Mountain Pass in Alaska. Even though I was very pleased with the outcome, I have been so busy doing traditional scrapbooking but when I saw her booth at a scrapbook convention recently, I knew I had to do more. I purchased several packets of her grid papers in a variety of colors and  starter kits for my Granddaughter and Daughter-in-law. After doing just  one page, they are hooked!!!!
Hope you will enjoy viewing.
 My daughter, Granddaughter and I in New York City where we got to see most of the sights plus Broadway production of The Lion King.
The above five pages when we attented a Balloon Festival at
Long Branch near Winchester, Virginia.
Followed by two pages taken at the Neptune festival in Virgingia Beach, Virginia.
After seeing how well these pages turned out, I found pictures taken when my son's best friend from High School graduated from the Citadel. I plan to make a color copy of the first  page to send to  him.
Visit Tami's web site at to learn how to do this amazing technique. 

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