Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snowmen Treats

When I share with you how I made the Snowman treats, you will understand why there was so much time between my postings. I made 30 of these for my granddaughters class and teachers, 6 for the staff at my Doctor's office then a final four to give to my friends at a luncheon tomorrow.

Step 1
Cover the end of a toilet tissue tube by gluing on a 2 1/2" circle of aluminum foil. Fill the tube with candies of choice then glue a 2 1/2" white paper circle over the top.
Cut a 4" x 6" out of white printer paper. Glue on eyes and nose that were  cut out using Cheerful Season  Cricut cartridge;   Snowman, shift, layer, at 4 inches. Glue this paper around the tube.
I purchased toddler size socks in assorted colors and cut according to above measurements. The very top of the sock will have a cuff  but the part cut from the rest of the sock will need to be doubled under on one end to form a finished edge.
I found it worked better to glue the sock onto the top of the snowman, then fill with  cotton stuffing. Using a needle and thread, make a running stitch around the top edge of the sock and pull tightly together to close. Glue on a white pom  pom. Cut a 1/2" by 6" strip of fabric for the scraf, tie and glue into place then add buttons down the front.
I got my idea from a Sled Riding Snowman craft kit one could order from Oriental Trader.
Their version looked like he was skiing on a piece of chocolate candy which got me to thinking---- I can make one to fill with candy!! The reason for gluing an aluminum foil circle on the bottom of the tube makes it easy to tear away to get to the candy without destroying the snowman.
Yes, it was a bit time consuming to make these put well worth the effort  as everyone loved them. One student liked them so much he went around the room asking others to let him have their snowman once they ate their candy! 

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